1. Corporate Core Values

Connecting the world with science and technology, serving people sincerely and repaying social enterprises and employees with value, serving customers sincerely and innovating towards world team cooperation, creating excellent quality, and developing enterprise employees to share achievements

2. Corporate spirit

Integrity, dedication, innovation, excellence, tenacity, unity, rigor and meticulousness

3. The purpose of the company’s development

Bringing together first-class talents to set up first-class companies, offering first-class products, providing first-class services, striving for survival by quality and development by reputation

4. Enterprise Mission

Develop and manufacture the most advanced and reliable communication antenna products in the world, and become an excellent information industry enterprise.

To make due contributions to closer communication between mankind and wider exchanges in the world.

Creating Quality Communication and Providing Sincere Customer Service

5. View of Enterprise Talents

Personality Priority Ability, Moderate Professionalism, Team First

6. Business philosophy of the company

Honesty Casts Brand Quality Attracts Customer Service and Weaves Future

7. Corporate Service View

Serve wholeheartedly and sincerely

8. Enterprise Development Goals

Short-term goal: to become the most powerful antenna manufacturer in China;

Long-term goal: to rank among the world’s top antenna manufacturers.

9. Business Philosophy of Enterprises

Sincere devotion makes human communication unbounded.

10. Professional ethics

Aigang, dedication, honesty and trustworthiness, serving enterprises and contributing to society